The middle school years are tough for many kids — they’re usually entering a larger school, they’re hitting puberty and they are learning to be more independent. For girls, this tween and teen period can be especially treacherous for their self-esteem.

Yesterday, college students gathered in Sacramento to protest education budget cuts and increased student fees. Those concerns have been front and center this month, starting when students and teachers staged big protests around California on March 4th. In Oakland, public school teachers have been lobbying for higher wages since before the economic crisis hit. And now, the local teachers union has authorized a strike to start on April 22nd.

Once upon a time, there was an African penguin called Pierre. He lived at the California Academy of Sciences where he had lots of friends and a girlfriend even. BUT one day his feathers started to fall out.

In 1924, Frank and Josephine Duveneck, a wealthy Palo Alto couple, saw a valley they liked in Los Altos Hills. So they bought it. Then they built and ran what would become the oldest operating hostel in the country. They preserved the local watershed by buying up the hills around it.

Last year, a nationwide campaign was launched called "Sharing Ramadan" in which mosques opened their doors to the community for one night of food and mutual understanding. Last Ramadan, KALW reporter Hana Baba dropped in on the one held at the Muslim Community Association in Santa Clara. The mosque asked the congregation to invite their non-Muslim friends, colleagues, and neighbors to come break the fast with them at sunset to get to know more about their community.